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Connie the Rover

Rovers is a club for POWERtalk members who do not live near enough to a regular club to be able to attend meetings.

They hold meetings via mail (conventional or electronic) and contribute to a meeting letter which is published every two months.

This helps them to maintain active membership of POWERtalk and means that they are eligible to take part in the speech and writing contests, and to participate in the management of the organisation.

Rovers club organizes occasional get-togethers including a Spring weekend and an annual training weekend.

There are also a number of dual members who belong to a local club but enjoy the unique nature of Rovers club.

If you live too far away from existing POWERtalk Clubs you could join the Rovers and attend POWERtalk council meetings and region events to network with POWERtalk members in other areas.  You could then help to start a club in your area.