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Learn to overcome your fear of speaking in public.  Develop business skills.

Cheshire Communicators

Great Britain Region



Membership fees vary slightly from club to club depending on venue costs.

Cheshire Communicators members pay £105 per year (either upfront or in three instalments of £35) and pay a small fee for room hire whenever they attend a meeting.

As a member you can also purchase your own copy of the indispensable POWERtalk Master manual (revised 2006) or download it free from the International Web Site. The manual covers the full range of communication skills, which will greatly assist you in improving your skills.


Communication skills – so vital to succeed in our personal live but also our public lives and careers.

  • Presentation skills including speechmaking
  • Disciplined discussion techniques
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Listening skills
  • Communication with authority and conviction
  • Creative writing and written communication
  • Stimulating social interaction

Leadership skills and teamwork – Any organisation, your company and your family require good teamwork to be successful and include team building, delegation, motivation, mentoring and management skills.

  • Successful meeting procedures
  • Efficient and effective meetings and organisational skills
  • Report writing
  • Confident communication
  • Planning and organisation of events

Personal achievement …

  • Personal growth through developing confidence and a strong personal style
  • Overcoming shyness and developing skills to convert anxiety into positive energy
  • Developing and presenting thoughts clearly
  • Offering and expressing constructive criticism
  • Assertiveness
  • Greater career and personal recognition
  • Continued learning
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